Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guess what came in the mail today..

Lots of awesome things actually! I got an adorable package from my family with lots of goodies..
Including some christmas cheer!
And a disco ball! Haha I adore my family more then anything.

And finally..
Photo 5


This is my train ticket to all over Europe over the Christmas break! I am getting so excited for this trip and feel so lucky to have an opportunity like this. So far here are my plans for the holidays. I will be flying to Scotland with my good friend Alex to visit our friend Jenni (for those of you who don't know these are two of my friends I met in Africa over the summer). We are going to spend the weekend exploring Scotland and celebrating the end of the semester! From there I am taking the train (and a ferry) down to Paris where I will meet up with some fellow international students. We are planning to spend 3 or 4 days exploring Paris then head down to Rome for Christmas! We will likely stay a week or so exploring Italy maybe even stay for New Years! Then I am going to Amsterdam on the 1st of January to meet up with my dad!! SO excited to see him! We are going to stay there a few days then head to Berlin on the 3rd! After a few days there we will fly back to London for a night or two before finally heading back to Exeter! So if I don't already have your address please send it to me so that I can mail everyone postcards :)

PS. It just started SNOWING! I don't know if today could possibly get any better!!

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  1. Glad you liked the stuff!
    Miss you!!
    ps Got to love a
    Slinky! :))



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