Wednesday, March 31, 2010

London Calling To The Faraway Towns

Well not London exactly but couldn't resist an excuse for a Clash reference. I have spent the past two days hectically trying to get my classes sorted out for next year. The forms I had to fill out were due yesterday so naturally I thought it would be a good idea to start them three hours before they were due, and naturally I instantly regretted that decision, but thats besides the point! So I took the forms into my department advisor so he could decide what classes I could transfer back towards my degree yesterday around four and he worked on them all night and I picked them up this morning and sent them in to the registrars office! (A day late but once again besides the point!) So everything worked out extremely well and thanks to my awesome I repeat AWESOME departmental advisor its looking like I will not have to stay an extra semester and I will be able to graduate on time!! This was in question for those of you who were unaware because I was unsure of how many classes in England would transfer back to my degree..well looks like ALL OF THEM! I am sure everyone is dying to know what classes I will be taking ;) hahaha joking! But if you're curious here they are:

Earth Systems
Nature, Environment & Development
Introduction to Statistics in Psychology
Animal Geographies
Introduction To Biology
Geography of Material Cultures
Human Geography Field Trip (we spend a week camping and doing hands on geography type things!)
The Sense and Spatiality's Of The Body
Ecology and Environment
Climate Change

Riveting stuff I know! To counteract the dullness of this post here are some nice pictures of things in Exeter!

Exeter, England

This just reminds me of Harry Potter..

Haldon Belvedere

Exeter Cathedral

To Whomever It Concerns..

Dear Tim Hortons,

I realize I have not been the most loyal customer over the past couple years, and that on more then one occasion I have chosen the ridiculously over priced drinks from Starbucks over your always reliable assorted coffee and treats. But I also feel that in my 19 years of life I have always treated you well and anytime I had a couple dollars to spare you were always my first choice. So my question to you is this; why do you refuse to let me win even once at roll up the rim? I am not asking for much here, I would be more then thrilled with a free coffee or doughnut. It has been at least three seasons of roll up the rim now that I have yet to see anything other than 'Please Play Again' printed the rim of my coffee. I may not buy coffee every single day but I think I buy enough of it from you to deserve a stale doughnut or two. So please I ask of you to restore my faith in the magic of roll up the rim and give me a free coffee. In return I promise to stop sneaking around behind your back with least for a little while.


Your faithful customer, Kate

Monday, March 29, 2010


Back to reality today..let the panic set in. I have exactly 2 weeks, 1 paper, 4 exams, and an endless amount of packing to be done before summer. Hello no sleep and too much caffeine. After that I have another 2 weeks to get everything for my trip to South Africa in order, April is going to be a busy month. On a lighter note, I have just recently rediscovered how awesome Marc Johns is. Here are three of my favorite pieces he has done:

How awesome are these? For more check out his blog at

Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Post.

hi, I’m Kate.

This is my first ever post on a first ever blog, very exciting! This is basically a way to keep friends and family in the loop with my life :) and also to share all the things I love !

So to start things off heres a video that I cannot seem to stop watching. Its beautifully filmed and the music is adorable.

a shot in the dark from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.


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