Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Whomever It Concerns..

Dear Tim Hortons,

I realize I have not been the most loyal customer over the past couple years, and that on more then one occasion I have chosen the ridiculously over priced drinks from Starbucks over your always reliable assorted coffee and treats. But I also feel that in my 19 years of life I have always treated you well and anytime I had a couple dollars to spare you were always my first choice. So my question to you is this; why do you refuse to let me win even once at roll up the rim? I am not asking for much here, I would be more then thrilled with a free coffee or doughnut. It has been at least three seasons of roll up the rim now that I have yet to see anything other than 'Please Play Again' printed the rim of my coffee. I may not buy coffee every single day but I think I buy enough of it from you to deserve a stale doughnut or two. So please I ask of you to restore my faith in the magic of roll up the rim and give me a free coffee. In return I promise to stop sneaking around behind your back with least for a little while.


Your faithful customer, Kate


  1. LOL HAHAHA lol Kate that's so funny! I'm right there with you, although I'm not having an affair with Starbucks, I'm straight loyal to Timmies which makes it even worse! We should take pictures!



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