Monday, April 12, 2010


I have been somewhat neglectful in providing updates on my trip process, which I would love to blame on being extremely busy studying for my exams but I just don't know how true that statement is. Anyway that is besides the point so here is one big update for anyone wondering!

Last week I got my last vaccine (I had to get 5 in total). All of them were rather quick and painless but I always find the worst part of getting a needle is what people tell you before hand, or even just the faces they make when you tell them you are getting a needle. Judging by some peoples reactions its like I just told them I was getting my foot amputated or something ridiculous like that. The worst reaction I received though was from someone who had been to South Africa before and gotten the same vaccines. As soon as I told him my travel plans (note: NO mention what-so-ever of getting vaccines) he began to describe in detail one of the needles I would be receiving. He began by telling me the size of the needle and then proceeded to describe the awesome sensation it was because you could actually feel the vaccine working its way through your system. Naturally I thought this guy is an idiot. I mean come on describing getting a needle as an awesome sensation is like describing a rectal exam as a exceptional experience. Neither are enjoyable, and if you do find them enjoyable there is probably something wrong with you (note: I have never had a rectal exam but I assume this is a fair assumption) PS. the guy was an idiot, the needle was no different then any other I have ever gotten.

I also received my pre-departure package with a whole bunch of information about the two location I am visiting and what kind of work I will be doing well there etc. My plane ticket also came with this package, exciting stuff!
So here are my travel plans:
Fly out from Toronto on May 2nd on an over night flight to England
Arrive in England the next morning and have an 8 hour layover then get on another overnight plane to South Africa
Arrive in SA the next morning, someone will meet me here and we will drive all day the the border of Botswana
We will stay overnight in a lodge near the border and in the morning we will cross the border and drive about another hour into the Tuli reserve where the camp I will be staying at is set up!

While at Tuli I will be helping in behavioral research of different animals including elephant, leopard, baboons, lions and cheetah. As well as helping with general conservation management. I will spend a month here and then be transferred back into South Africa to the Tambotie Wildlife Car Center. Here I will help care for injured and sick animals. I will stay here for another month and then make my long trip back home on July 1st!

So there is a quick update on my trip, I still have tons to do but I am getting more and more excited everyday! Here are some pictures of where I will be staying..

The camp at Tuli.

The Tuli Reserve.

Accommodations at Tambotie.

Aerial view of the center.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!



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