Friday, April 9, 2010

2 AM.

It is currently 2 am and I am studying for my law exam, which is 9 am. I wish i knew why I do this to myself, I procrastinate until the last possible minute and then proceed to freak out for the couple days before my exam. You would think by my second year in university I would have figured out this is probably not the best way to study/write essays and yet here I am. It is most certainly going to be an all nighter for me tonight and looking like tomorrow night will be as well considering I have another exam at 9am Saturday. At least I will have my roommate, Megan, to suffer through that one with me as she has the same exam and the same study habits as I do. Well I should get back to fault requirements and dry law cases. I sincerely hope everyones night has been better then mine!

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  1. Lmao my exams arnt till NEXT week and iv already THIS week spent mon/tues studying for one, wens/thurs for my second and tomorrow ill start fri/sat studying for my last one! this was iv studied a WEEK before i write my exam and the day/night before each exam i just have to casually review what iv already studied! :P thought id rub that in you faces( you AND megan) :P:P lol no hard feeling :) ps if it helps i think its amazing that you 2 do this and STILL get good marks! at least you guys can say that!! :) i know youll pull through kate! goodluck! :)



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