Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Room.

So I meant to take my camera out to Exeter's City Center this weekend to take lots of pictures to share with you all but unfortunately it started raining friday night and has not stopped yet. So Instead I am going to share some pictures I have taken in and around my room!

Pretty little student village.

Flat mates!

Room 206.

Bed :)

Nail polish.

Canadian Pal.


Its laundry day.

Please note: I realize these pictures are a little abstract and don't really give you an idea of what my room looks like but because I had such limited space to carry things on my way over here I don't really have any decorations or pictures up in my room and therefore pictures of it just look slightly depressing. But you guys could always send me pictures and letters and postcards that I could put up to add a little life to my room (hint, hint!)


  1. i would love to send you something ... message me your address my foxy lady :)

  2. Care package on its way!! (soon!)



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