Monday, October 25, 2010


For me Exeter is broken down into three main parts. First, Heavitree, which is sort of like a mini town that I live in. Second, is Exeter City Center which is equivalent to what downtown would be back home. Third of course is campus. I decided to do a post for each of the three places to give everyone an idea of what each is like. I started off with Heavitree because like I said it's where I live. So its basically just a small town consisting of mostly residential area there is however the main street called Fore Street which has a grocery store, gas station, numerous pubs, and a few little shops and bakeries. Fore street has become my go to place for most of my necessities. It is a lot closer then walking to the City Center (about a 15-20 minute walk) and it has everything you need. Including numerous take away shops open to all hours of the night that are very hard to resist on your way home from the pub. Here are some pictures from around Heavitree.

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  1. the little town you live in is so beautiful! :) i'm so jealous!



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