Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Week in Africa!

Hey everyone!!
So this is going to be as very short post because I only have a couple minutes but just wanted to let you all know i am here safe in Africa and having an awesome time!!!! I am living in a castle on a huuge mountain looking over Swaziland its beautiful!!!!! I already have so mamy stories and pictures to share with you all unfortunatly I dont have time! I will write something more detailed as soon as I can but we dont have internet in the castle so i am at a cafe right now about to go grochry shopping! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far I miss everyone lots !


  1. LEARN HOW TO SPELL !!! ahhaha just kidding i miss you SOOOO much ! <3 hope you havent swallowed too many spiders!!! Wish I could see this castle !! LOVE YOUUUUUU<3

  2. You wrote this on your birthday !!! .. Hope you weren't lonely .. Thats all . :)



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