Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I thought I would give everyone a little update about how my trip is going since I have a bit of time to spare. So we got to Paris with no problem, I went with my friends Lisa (from Australia), Rob and Eric (from the UK). The hostel we stayed at the first three days was okay, the rooms were fine nothing special and the free breakfast was decent but it was really far away from everything (sometimes an hour on the metro) and was in kind of a sketchy area of Paris, we didn't really feel comfortable walking back from the metro stop late at night. On the second day we were there a huge storm started and lasted for 3 or 4 days which sucked. We didn't get out to see as much as we hoped because of this. Because of the storm our train to Rome was canceled and we wouldn't be able to get on another one for almost a week! So after a few hours debating what to do Lisa and I decided to spend three more nights in Paris and the boys went on to Amsterdam for those days and we decided to meet back up in Luxembourg on Christmas. Lisa and I ended up booking a budget hotel that was much closer to everything and was only 3 euro more then we were paying at the hostel! We ended up having such a great time!! The weather cleared up and we got to do everything we wanted and tons more! I really suggest going to Paris around Christmas the lights are unbelievable and everyone was so friendly and great! So we left Paris on the 23rd to Luxembourg which is only about a 2 hour train ride and stayed at a great hostel there! We met back up with Eric and Rob and another group of travelers and we all had a great time together. There isn't that many sight seeing things to do but Luxembourg is a beautiful country. We all went out on Christmas Eve for a big dinner and lots of beer! On the 25th Lisa and I went to Brussels, we got there late and only stayed two nights. I wasn't really a fan of Brussels to be honest we didn't get to see or do much because we were there for such a short amount of time but the city was covered in ice literally COVERED I think I fell down at least 5 times just trying to get around and we had some uncomfortable encounters with men there. So from Brussels Lisa went to Scotland were she is going to travel a bit more then head back to Australia and I came to Bruges! I love Bruges so much, its so tiny but everywhere you look is a photo op. I rented a bike and have been riding around eating 'frites' and drinking beer! Belgian beer is soo good! Pretty much all the museums here revolve around food haha today I went to the french fry museum and tomorrow I am going to the chocolate museum and a brewery! I have lots of pictures, but something happened to one of my memory cards and I think my pictures from Luxembourg and Brussels may be gone :S I bought a new one for the rest of my trip and am hoping I can fix the other one when I get home. Anyway thats somewhat of an update! I have so many stories and things to share and I have met tons of great people from all over! In a few days I will be heading to Amsterdam to meet up with my dad I cant wait! Then we are going to Berlin and London. I will update again when I get home I really hope everyone has had a great Christmas and has big New Years plans! :)

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